GAP Models

Our Rates

Naturally, some models have more experience than others, however at a glance, the rates here apply.


  • A minimum booking charge of £200 applies, equating to either 2 or 3 hours, based on the experience of the model.
  • In certain circumstances, a full or half day fixed rate can be arranged, so feel free to contact us on +447866 090801.
  • For more information about a particular model/model's rate, please get in touch.
  • Shoots which are very local to the model (10 have or less), will incur no additional charge for travel.
  • Charges for accommodation, travel, including shoots abroad, as well as rates for expenses, are available upon request.
All Models (London based shoots)
1-3£200 (min charge)
Full day£500
All other UK locations, price on application
Minimum charge for Fittings £100 (London based)
All other UK location fittings, price on application