GAP Models

Tips for Models


When you are booked for a modeling job, be sure to keep a note of who called you and the name of the job. Always reply to texts or emails in a professional manner, using your full name, not just your first name.


Make sure your measurements are correct on your Gap Models profile page. Re-measure yourself every six months and email Suzy with any changes, so she can keep the website totally current.


Keep your photos fresh, it’s worth changing them every few months as the same bookers may look time and time again and new photos show you are taking your career seriously and are proactive about getting work. As above, send any new pictures over to Suzy


Again, be sure to send over new pictures if something about your appearance changes drastically, for example you change your hairstyle or colour. Suzy will be happy to amend your pics and/or profile.


Keep all bookings in one place, ideally a diary/diary app with plenty of space for notes about the client/job.


It might be worth having a specific email address and even mobile number, for work bookings. It's not hard for work emails to get lost in a busy personal inbox!


Be sure to know where a shoot is, how you're going to get there and plan your route. Don't rely too heavily on your SatNav to get you there! Be prepared!


If for some reason you cannot make a booked job, as well as calling Michael, if you possibly can, call the client to apologise. No-one likes being let down, but a personal apology may mean that they could consider you for future jobs.


Last, but not least, never be late (see point 7!) and always be polite. Often the most memorable model is the rude one and in this industry, reputation is very important. Remember, you are part of a larger team on a shoot/catwalk, with no one person being more important than anyone else.